Dog’s Page

People like to ask me lots of questions about Dog.  So to save you some time, here are the answers to some of the most common questions.


Q: What kind of dog is he?
A: He’s a labradoodle.

Q: Where did you get him?
A: He’s a rescue.  Someone didn’t want him, so I totally lucked out.

Q: Did you have him as a puppy?
A: No, I adopted him when he was 1.5 years old.

Q: Has he always been this big?
A: Yes and no.  He’s always been the same height, but he’s gained about 15 lbs. since I’ve gotten him.

Q: Is he friendly?
A: Yes, but he doesn’t like homeless people or drunk people.

Q: Does he sleep with you?
A: No, I think he gets too hot on my bed, but he’ll like to come up and snuggle in the mornings.

Q: How old is he?
A: He was born in 2008.  January 17th.

Q: Is his name really Dog?
A: No, but that’s what I always call him.  His full name is Huckleberry Edward.  Last name TBD, as we are unsure if he will take Sam’s last name after we get married, or if it will be hyphenated, etc.


1 thought on “Dog’s Page

  1. Sam S

    Aside from the last 3, most of the questions and answers above apply to me as well, especially the “gained 15 lbs.” one.


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