Hello faithful blog readers!

This is my favorite time of year (autumn, plus IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS-DECORATION SEASON!!!!!), so I thought I’d start October off with a post about some pretty exciting stuff: sweets.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to sample my kitchen creations, you’ll know that some day I’d love to start up my own little sweet shop.  But for now, I’m perfectly content making batches of sweets over the weekends (kudos to some of my former coworkers who ordered cupcakes from me!) and over the holidays.

Last year, I came across a recipe for caramel to drizzle over ice cream.  I loved it, but it needed something else.  So I hunted for recipes until I came up with my own mishmash to make as salted caramel candy.  With the help of my wonderful boyfriend (at the time – I know sometimes people get upset when I still refer to Sam as my “boyfriend,” even though I’m pretty sure I’ll still call him that when we’re married), I decided to mass-produce these candies, wrap them up individually, and sell them by the dozen in cute little holiday gift bags.  They were sold super cheap, plus I donated $1 for every dozen that I sold to various charities.

Through the words of friends and coworkers, I managed to sell 300 dozen in one month, which was a huge shock to me.  Apparently they made for great stocking stuffers (and for those who loved brown sugar caramels, they were great for satisfying a sweet tooth, one dozen pieces at a time..).  And of course $300 went to three different charities!

I’m really grateful for the support that I’ve gotten from friends for my little kitchen adventures.  So this year, I will be doing the same thing – making sweets for charity!  Since there are (almost) three wonderful months of holiday cheer, starting with Halloween, my kitchen is officially “open for business,” and I will be fundraising for charity again.  Ladies and gentlemen, your holiday menu is here!

Salted caramels
These are seriously the most amazing stocking stuffers, because they are wrapped in any kind of package you’d like – birthday-themed, Christmas, Halloween, you name it, I’ll make sure it fits the occasion!  These also ship very well, as my friends on the other side of the country can tell you, and they will keep in the refrigerator for up to a month.  $5/dozen, minimum order of 3 dozen, unless you can get some friends to go in on this, or you can ask me for a spare dozen if I’m making other orders.


Like Kara’s, but with less sugar and more love.  I try to cut back the sugar on a lot of my baked goods, because, well, it’s slightly healthier.  And I never use the boxed mixes for cakes or frosting.  Your choice of flavors for cake and frosting.  I can also jazz them up a bit (see photos below) – just let me know what you’d like, and I’ll try to make it happen.  $20/dozen, delivered in a cupcake treat box.  Local Bay Area pick-up or delivery only.  ** note: I’ll do the mini ones as well, but to me, they don’t taste as good.. but maybe I’m just a glutton **

cupcakes animals

Like my cupcakes, I try to cut back on the sugar for my cookies.  They still turn out delicious, so don’t feel as guilty, and have another one.  Butter cookies with your choice of topping: plain, with sprinkles, or half-dipped in chocolate (white, milk or dark).  Local Bay Area pick-up or delivery only.
Plain: $10/dozen
Sprinkles or chocolate: $12/dozen
As a “sandwich” with buttercream: $20/dozen

cooling funfetti

Special Orders
Let me know what you’d like, and I’ll try my best to create it!


All orders under 6 dozen require a 3-day advance notice, and let me know when you’ll need them (if you want to place a large order of more than 6 dozen, please give me 5 days’ notice).  I’m happy to substitute regular flour for gluten-free, so just let me know any special requests.  Please pass on the word to friends, family, and coworkers, because: a) my kitchen will be happy that it’s being used, b) more money = more charities, and c) people just like sweets.

As always, thank you for reading, and happy eating!


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